Why Choose Us For Dental Care In Folsom, CA

Find out why we are the R.I.G.H.T F.I.T for you?

We believe in building relationships that are based on mutual Trust and Understanding.

Our skilled team is very Passionate about providing Individualized care for patients, emphasizing patient education to foster true collaboration in achieving optimal oral health.

Here is why we are the R.I.G.H.T F.I.T for you?

R -We Respect your point of view and listen to you very carefully on what you really want!

I -Integrity in Everything we do for you is our motto be it treatment planning or execution, choice of materials, infection control protocols or financial arrangements

G -Getting Results for your desired Overall and Oral Health outcomes

H -Holistic Health and wellness is directly linked to your oral health and that is the foundation of our treatment planning for you .

T -Mutual Trust and Understanding is the foundation for building Long-term relationships with our patients -we are your Dental Home with highly skilled team to serve you.

F -Fear of potential pain, time involvement or Money is what keeps many people from getting the treatment that they really need or want-Ask us how we can mitigate these issues for you!

I -We fully Inform before we perform any procedure in order to have fulfilling and successful outcome

T -State of the art – Technology for your Comfort, Convenience and Top-notch care!



Our Vision:

At Renaissance Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we envision a world where well-informed, healthy people have great teeth and a better life by entrusting us with their Dental Care !

WHY choose Renaissance Family and Cosmetic Dentistry?

A Beautiful Practice for All Your Dental Needs, Providing Complete Healthy Dentistry for the Entire Family with Exceptional Value.

The very foundation of Doctor-Patient relationship is Trust. At RFCD we believe in building long term relationships based upon trust. Our practice combines personalized, friendly, professional service with advanced technology in state of the art brand new facility in Folsom. We strive to earn your trust by providing you with the highest standards of care that we could expect for ourselves and our loved ones. We begin by listening to you without being judgemental, answer your questions and provide information for you to make informed decisions. We then advise a treatment plan with your best interest in mind, based on both short term and long term needs and wants. Only then will we begin to take you gently through your treatment.

Our Mission:

To provide Excellent Care with Exceptional value integrating Oral and Overall Health links in an Eco-friendly Environment!!

Our Goal :

To consistently Exceed Your Expectations

Belief Statements:

  • We BELIEVE that the oral cavity is a mirror of the human body as many systemic diseases have early manifestations in the mouth. Hence complete health dentistry is very critical as it not only takes dentistry to its fullest potential but also has significant impact on oral health in general and overall health in particular.
  • We BELIEVE that the customer is always the King and hence there is a great value in being patient centric: Your Style, Your Smile, Your Needs !
  • We BELIEVE that Prevention is better than cure and hence we emphasize on the power of patient education to enable them make informed choices in their treatment planning after co-discovery with the doctor on the possible risks and benefits to avoid expensive repercussions. This paves the way for affordable excellence !
  • We BELIEVE that Dental visits shouldn’t be as painful as its perceived and everyone deserves healthy mouths and beautiful smiles.
  • We BELIEVE that Profit is a natural result of doing what’s right for our patients.