Velscope – A New Way to Examine for Oral Disease:  VELscope Vx technology is changing the way oral mucosal examinations take place.  The VELscope Vx adjunctive device is effective for the enhanced visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities.

The VELscope Vx handheld device emits a harmless, bright blue light which is used to inspect the mouth and tongue.  The device is sensitive to abnormal tissue changes and the distinctive blue-spectrum light causes the soft tissue (oral mucosa) of the mouth to naturally fluoresce.  Healthy tissues fluoresce in distinct patterns that may be visibly disrupted when tissue undergoes an abnormal change (which can occur in the oral mucosa for a multitude of reasons) such as when associated with dysplasia or oral cancer.






SOPROLIFE The Blue Revolution – Soprolife is more accurate in identifying the development of occlusal and/or proximal carious lesions.  The mode potentially speeds up the decision making process in treatment planning and enables safer options for the patients by possibly reducing the number of x-rays.  Hard dental tissues will autofluoresce when exposed to the Soprolife’s specific wavelength of blue light and a patented process within the camera is able to display, in real time video, ho the existence of caries (cavities) affects a tooth’s fluorescent signal.  Affected areas are easily noted by changes in colors on the video display.









Dental Loupes:  Greater visibility provide the ability to see 2.5x greater and on a larger scale.  This allows quality of work to improve because the teeth are much larger in viewing.









Amalgam Separator:  Ecofriendly! – Mercury is liberated from the process of routinely replacing the silver fillings with natural looking, metal free restorations.  With harmfull effects of mercury being discharged in local water streams we wanted to avoid this pollutant contaminating our water resources and made a conscious choice to install Hg5 Amalgam Separator.  It provides containment of mercury and amalgam from dental waste lines and is ISO 11143 certified at greater than 99% efficiency.











AMD Picasso Lite Laser