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A beautiful smile is the best ornament you can wear. It is your signature, radiating positivity. It is a way to reflect happiness and confidence.

At Renaissance Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe good overall health is possible only if there is good oral health and anything that we do to the oral cavity can directly influence our body. Therefore, we try to achieve good oral health through procedures which are more natural and safe. 

Dr. K is passionate about education of patients and in this spirit, she begins the relationship with her patients by listening. Recognizing that everyone has a story of their health and unique understanding of where they are and where they want to be, she listens to your story.

The utmost aim of dental care at our office is to prevent dental problems in the first place. We do this by collaborating with the patient, to obtain the optimal level of care they desire. It is our belief that our responsibility is to help you make good choices about health care, and that you understand the consequences of your choices.

After a gentle and detailed “tour of your mouth” she provides you with a written review of our diagnostic findings, along with recommendations for achieving and maintaining health.

Once again, health is something you chose for yourself, but Dr. K gives her guidance and care recommendations for you to consider.

This is our core belief that everyone is a work in progress and it is our privilege to help you obtain the optimal health you want.

Visit our office to experience dental care in the most pleasant, caring, and eco-friendly environment.

We believe it is our privilege to help you understand your dental health, how it affects your overall health and to treat your needs.

We take pride in providing the best Dental Care from the best dentist in Folsom, CA.