What Type of Dental Care Do You Want?

Choosing dental care and a dental care provider can be a challenge. We would like to share our beliefs concerning the type of dental service we offer and why. We would like you to understand values and goals we hold as a dental team, and help you choose the care that best fits you. It is important you understand the results of your choices.

Four Levels of choosing Dental Care


People in crisis, need immediate help. We see patients of record in urgent situations as soon as possible. The doctor can be reached 7 days a week and after hours to help deal with emergency problems. This is not the primary focus of the practice. We are happy to help those in pain and discomfort, but do not maintain patients in long term crisis-only status. We believe that it is a mutual “lose-lose” situation for the patient and the practice to only “put out fires”, and give no thought to prevention.


Patients in this level of care desire treatment only when something is broken or hurts. At this level, patients usually want to correct immediate problems with as little effort, time and cost as possible. Patients do not avail themselves for long term planning and do not consider prevention. This level is the “duct tape and super glue” type of solution and these patients live by the adage, “Do as little today as possible, and let tomorrow take care of itself”. Remedial care is often short term care, in this practice we focus on long term relationships and long term health.


People in this level of care want to take an active part in the prevention of present and future disease, but choose repair solutions that are more short range in longevity. Dental treatment will often need to be replaced again in 2-5 years. A patient at this level takes interest in prevention of future problems, but corrects today’s problems in a less than optimal manner. Patients in this level often delay and postpone treatment until a better time. This type of dentistry is good in quality, but does not provide maximum function, esthetics and longevity.


Patients in this level choose comprehensive care, beginning with a true complete exam and development of a Master Plan. Optimal care takes into consideration the whole person, and treats the causes of dental disease as well as the effects. Prevention is foremost as well as maximum levels of function, esthetics and longevity. Patients at this level accept personal responsibility for their health and understand the mutual effort required from both dental professionals and themselves to achieve beauty and health.

We hope this clarification is useful to you. It is not uncommon for people to begin in one level and move on to a higher one over time. It is our belief that patients should make their dental care decisions based on a realistic understanding of what those choices mean. We consciously try to answer questions regarding your individual choices. We are also prepared to answer questions regarding the cost of your choice of care, keeping in mind that all insurance plans focus reimbursement on Emergency and Remedial care, and rarely reimburse fully for preventive and Optimal care.